Four Lawyers at Chris Mahre & Associates

So it was picture day yesterday at Chris Mahre & Associates.  Once again, I was of course displeased with my photo.  It’s not that I’m particularly vain, but the effort to force a smile is something I abhor.  Its that sense of dread I picked up after seeing my seventh grade class photo.  It’s a weird sense though, since I’m not shy and enjoy litigation.  I guess I just don’t like being caught on camera.

I think everyone else took a pretty good photo in this one though, so I had to agree it was the one that should go on the website.  From left to right, yours truly, Brandy Ellis (with whom I worked at the DA’s office and now does estate work for us), Chris Mahre (the principle), and Alice Geyer (our most recent addition, who does the family law and bankruptcy).  Let me know what you think!